About 67000 vehicles made, some 50000 went for export.

Skoda 1101 Tudor

The Škoda 1101 was a small family car produced by Czech

automaker AZNP at their plants in Mladá Boleslav,

Vrchlabí and Kvasiny.

It   was   basically   a   modernized   version   of   Škoda   Popular   1101   type,   which   was   introduced   in   1939. Main   difference   was   redesigned   body   (although   still   with   wooden   frame)   and   new   dashboard. Production   of   Škoda   1101   commenced   in   1946.   In   1949   Škoda   1102   came   into   production;   it   was virtually   identical   with   1101   type,   except   for   new   column-mounted   shifter.   Both   models   were produced   simultaneously,   with   1102   chassis   preferably   used   for   sedan   bodies   and   1101   for   vans, station-wagons   and   ambulances.   Production   ceased   in   1952;   until   then   about   67,000   vehicles were made, of which some 50,000 vehicles were exported. Škoda   1101/1102   was   also   known   under   popular   name   Tudor,   derived   from   its   two-door   sedan body,   which   was   the   first   to   came   into   production. This   nickname   was   eventually   commonly   used for all 1101/1102, regardless of their body. Military   version   of   Škoda   1101   existed,   called   Škoda   1101   VO.   It   featured   unchanged   chassis   and mechanicals   of   standard   Škoda   1101,   with   new   all-steel,   open   4-door   body.   During   1948–1951 4,237 vehicles were produced, mostly for export. The    car    was    powered    by    a    four-cylinder    1089    cc    OHV    water-cooled    engine    producing    at maximum   power   32   hp   at   4,200   rpm.   The   four-speed   gear-box   included   synchromesh   on   the   top two   ratios,   power   being   delivered   to   the   rear   wheels   via   a   jointed   prop   shaft.   Front   suspension: Independent   using   transverse   leaf   springs.   Rear   suspension:   independent   using   transverse   leaf springs with floating half-axles. Top speed:100 kph; (62 mph).


Engine 1089 cc 4 cylinders Power 32 HP Top speed 110 km/h Lenght/width 4,11 m/1,55 m Weight 990 kg
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