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Chaika “Tshaika” 13 GAZ - 1962

A Chaika (Russian: Ча́йка), which means gull, is a luxury automobile from the Soviet Union made by GAZ. The vehicle is one step down from the ZIL limousine.

Chevrolet Deluxe - 1942

The Chevrolet Deluxe was introduced late in the 1941 model year as a 4-door sedan. In 1942 a fastback 2-door "aerosedan" became an option.

Cadillac Allante - 1991

The Allanté is a two-door, two-seater roadster manufactured and marketed by Cadillac from 1986 until 1993, with roughly 21,000 units built over a seven-year production run. DKW Junior - 1961 In   terms   of   its   size   and   pricing,   the   DKW   Junior   slotted   into   the   range   just   below   the Auto   Union 1000,   which   itself   underwent   an   upgrade   and   a   name   change   (from   DKW   to Auto   Union)   in   1957. The Junior was therefore from its introduction until August 1963 the only DKW branded car.

GLAS 1204 - 1963

The Glas 1004 is a small two-door, four-seater automobile produced by Hans Glas GmbH at Dingolfing. It was first exhibited in public, in coupé form, at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 1961.
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Photos mainly by Matti Kreivilä. Historical facts and technical details of the vehicles provided by Wikipedia. Movies YouTube.
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